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General terms and conditions
General Terms and Conditions

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Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy including its parts is valid and effective from 14 April, 2020 and it is available in electronic form at www.electropoint.hu If you use the mobile application, you can find it in the "Contact" section.

Personal Data Administrator

Electropoint Kft. is registered at the office at 1044 Budapest, Megyeri út 116. Fsz .1., company identification No. 01-09-698866, incorporated in Hungary, Register kept by the Capital Court, as a data administrator shall process your personal data.

Corresponding address: 1044 Budapest, Megyeri út 116. Fsz .1.
E-mail: info@electropoint.hu
Telefonszám: +36 1 271 1148
Weboldal: http://electropoint.hu

Type of Data Processed

Personal Data Provided By You

We process personal data provided by you.

Personal Data of Third Persons Provided by You

In the event you provide us personal data of third persons, you are obliged to inform the person concerned and procure his/her consent to this Personal Data Protection Policy.

Personal Data Processed Automatically

When you visit our website, we may collect certain information such the IP address, date and time of the visit to our website, information about your Internet browser, operation system or language settings. We may also process information about your conduct on our website, such as links opened or goods displayed. The details of your conduct on the web are anonymised for the maximum protection of your privacy and therefore we cannot match them with a particular person.

If you access our website from your mobile phone or a similar device, we can process information about your mobile device as well (mobile phone details, records of any application crash etc.).


We process cookies automatically.

More about cookies

What is a cookie file?

A cookie is a small text file created upon a visit to a website. It serves as a standard tool for the storage of information about visits to our website and how our website is used.

Thus we can distinguish (but not identify) individual users and customise the content to individual preferences. Cookies are important and web browsing would be far more difficult without them.

What are cookies used for?

Cookies serve several purposes. We use the following cookies on our e-shop website and in our mobile applications.

Technical cookies: We use technical cookies to ensure our e-shop works properly (e.g. for you to create a user profile, log in, and buy goods and services). The e-shop would not work without these cookies.

Functional cookies: These help so that you do not have to log in and set your preferences repeatedly (e.g. setting the language in which our e-shop will be displayed). In these cases, your password is always encrypted. The use of these cookies is not absolutely necessary, but they make your visit to our online store more comfortable and user-friendly.

Analytical cookies: Analytical cookies help us improve our online store, which ultimately benefits you. Analytical cookies on our website are collected by the Google Inc. script, which subsequently anonymises the data. The data ceases to be personal data after anonymisation: anonymised cookies cannot be matched with a particular user or person. We only work with anonymised cookies. Even if we wanted to, we would be unable to find out the way in which any particular user behaved on our website (sites visited, goods displayed etc.).

We also use the findings obtained from these cookies for advertising purposes; we may also display an ad that we consider relevant to you on other websites. If you want to have control over what analytical cookies we process, you can use this add-on program from Google (can only be run on a computer).

How You Can Control Which Cookies We Will Process?

You can use one of the common browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome) with anonymous browsing switched on. This shall prevent storage of data concerning the sites visited. You can also block the storage of cookies in the browser. However, if you block the processing of technical and functional cookies, you will disable certain useful website functions.

You can find at the following links more information about managing cookies in your browser:
Internet Explorer:http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/internet-explorer/delete-managecookies#ie=ie-11
Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/cookies-information-websites-store-on-your-computer
Mozilla: https://support.mozilla.org/hu/kb/weboldalak-altal-elhelyezett-sutik-torlese-szamito
Safari: https://support.apple.com/kb/ph21411?locale=en_US
Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95647

You can easily control the processing of analytical cookies by us if you use this add-on program from Google (can only be run on a computer). However, switching off analytical cookies makes it difficult for us to improve our online store experience.

Why We Collect and Process Your Personal Data?

Your personal data is processed for the following reasons:

Purchase of goods and services: the primary purpose of processing your data is due dispatch and delivery of your order. If a problem occurs, we know who to contact from the data you provided.

Customer care: if you address us with a question/issue, we have to process your personal data in order to answer/resolve it. The data may be transferred to third parties in certain cases (e.g. delivery company).

User account: thanks to the personal data entered in your user profile, you will be able to use a number of functions (e.g. if you enter your telephone number, we can easily inform you about the time of the order delivery). You can change the entered details at any time, except for the e-mail address that serves for signing into your user account.


Electronic marketing: e-mail commercial communication is sent to you upon your consent. You can easily unsubscribe from our newsletters by adjusting your user profile settings, using our contact form. In case you create more user profiles in which you enter the same contact details, (e.g. you have several accounts for different e-mail addresses, but the telephone number is the same in all the accounts),you have to unsubscribe from all subscriptions one by one.

Our data processor for email marketing:
Name: UNAS Online Kft.
Address: 9400 Sopron, Kõszegi út 14.
Telephone Nr: +36 99 200 200
Email address: unas@unas.hu

Retargeting: In some cases we use retargeting techniques, and you have the right to refuse retargeting by clicking this link and selecting the appropriate option.

Improvement of services: we are able to offer relevant goods thanks to the history of your orders and conduct on the website (e.g. accessories to the product purchased). Therefore we display such products that are intended just for you and correspond to your needs and interests. In order to optimise web features, we can also use tools testing different variants (A/B testing), such as Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics etc.

Customer reviews of goods and services: after you purchase products or services from us, your may be asked to evaluate them. You may also post a review on your own initiative.

Assertion of rights and legal claims and inspection by public authorities: we can also process your personal data in order to assert our rights and legal claims (e.g. in the event that we have an overdue invoice in your name). We may also process your data for inspections by public authorities and other serious reasons.

Legal Grounds for Processing of Personal Data

Conclusion and Performance of Agreement

A large part of your personal data are needed by us in order to conclude the purchase agreement or another contract for goods and services you intend to purchase. After the agreement is concluded, we process your personal data in order to duly deliver the purchased goods, or to render the purchased services. We have to process billing and delivery details in particular due to the above-mentioned legal grounds.

Legitimate Interest

We also use your personal data to provide you the relevant content, which may be of interest to you. On the grounds of legitimate interest, we process particular personal data, which is processed automatically, and cookies.

We may also send you e-mails and text messages on the same legal grounds. Processing of personal data related to monitoring via camera systems in our stores is based on the above legal grounds as well.

In case we process your personal data on these legal grounds, you are entitled to raise an objection to such processing by sending us an email to info@electropoint.hu email address.

Transfer of Personal Data to Third Parties

Your personal data is transferred to third parties in the following cases:

Delivery of goods: the carrier chosen by you would not be able to deliver the goods ordered unless we transfer the information on where and to whom the goods should be delivered. This data is transferred to the carrier as entered in the order. Such data includes in particular your first name and surname, delivery address, telephone number where the carrier may contact you, and the amount to be paid on delivery, as the case may be. The carrier is only entitled to process the personal data we transfer for the purposes of delivery; the carrier must delete the personal data 1 year after delivery.

Delivery company details:

Name: GLS General Logistics Systems Hungary Csomag-Logisztikai Kft.
Address: 2351 Alsónémedi, GLS Európa u. 2.
Telephone Nr.: +36-29/88 66 70
Email address: info@gls-hungary.com

For postal packages or pick up places by the Hungarian Post Office:

The Hungarian Post Office is handling packages based on their own Privacy Policy. Please keep in mind that based on their privacy Policí, Magyar Posta zrt. can ask your personal data for handling.

Data processior for financial and auditing services:

Name B.Y Ecoline Kft.
Address:1034 Viador utca 22
Telephone Nr.: + 36 1 439 1205
Email address: info@byecoline.hu
The data processor is handling the data based on the Act nr.Sztv. 169.§ (2) after this term all data will be deleted.

Data forwarding

We forward to www.arukereso.hu (Online Comparison Shopping Kft.) address: 1074 Budapest, Rákóczi út 70-72., VAT Nr.: 24868291-2-42, Company reg. Nr.: 01-09-186759) the email address and the purchased item's name of the customer for operation of the program "Megbízható bolt" (reliable shop) The goal of the data transfer is the customer rewiev and measure of customer satisfaction. All these data is saved and handled by Online Comparison Shopping Kft. a www.arukereso.hu based on their Privacy Policy.

What Is the Period for Processing Your Personal Data?

We shall process your personal data for the entire duration of the contractual relationship between you and us.
The data obtained through the user account or in a similar way are processed for the period of using our services and then usually for 5 years after cancellation. Basic identification data and the information why the user account was cancelled or information which is a part of operational advance deposits are usually stored for the relevant period.

Personal Data Security

Your personal data is safe with us. We have adopted adequate technical and organisational measures in order to prevent unauthorised access and misuse of your personal data.

All communication between your device and our web servers is encrypted. Logins are hashed and your data is only stored on servers in secure data centers with limited, carefully controlled and audited access.

Password Security

We do not have your passwords saved to our system or any database.

What Are Your Rights Related to Personal Data Protection?

In relation to your personal data, you have in particular the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time, the right to correct or supplement your personal data, the right to request restriction of processing, the right to raise an objection to or a complaint of the processing of your personal data, the right to access your personal data, the right to request the transfer of your personal data, the right to be informed of a breach of security of your personal data and, under certain conditions, the right to the deletion of certain personal data we process about you ("the right to be forgotten").

Changes and Amendments

You control your personal data mainly through your user account (electropoint.hu/profile/log in). Here you can delete or change the basic information about yourself and change the settings concerning commercial communication (or unsubscribe), etc. after logging into your account.


In case you believe that your personal data has been processed incorrectly, you can contact us through the contact form or email. However, it will be faster and more efficient for you to correct the personal data by yourself in your user profile.


When issuing an invoice or any other financial document for fulfilling your purchase order from our website we follow through our data processing the Hungarian Legal Acts. Pursuant to the amendment to Act No. Sztv. 169. § (1)-(2)Electropoint has to file and save the financial documents for the time stated in the regulations.

Processed data for billing

We save your name, address, email address, telephone number and in case of company customers the VAT number and company registration Nr.
All invoices pursuant to the amendment to Act No.Sztv. 169.§ (2) are saved for 8 years from date of invoice.

Legal Grounds for Processing of Personal Data (Billing)

Pursuant to the amendment to Act No. 2007.évi CXXVII. 159.§ (1) (about VAT) Electropoint Kft. shall issue an invoice and an it has to be archived amendment to Act No. 2000.évi C. törvény 169. § (2) for 8 years.

Warranty process

We are handling your data for warranty claims. If you apply for warranty you have to to provide us your name, address, email address and telephone Nr. for processing your claim.


You may also claim the deletion of your personal data (this shall not apply to data in documents that are subject to the obligation of archiving under the law (e.g. invoices or credit notes). In case we need your personal data to determine, execute or defend our legal claims, your request may be rejected (e.g. if we have an overdue invoice in your name or if the complaint procedure is in progress).

How to exercise your right to deletion?

If you have an account with us, please send log into your account and go to Profile section and the lower bottom of the page you can find the Delete profile button. By clicking on this button, you can delete your profile from our webstore.

Raising an Objection

Certain personal data is processed on the grounds of our legitimate interest (see section “Legal grounds for processing of personal data”). In case you have concrete reasons, you are entitled to raise an objection to the processing of this personal data. The objection can be raised through the

Restriction of Processing

In case (a) you deny the accuracy of your personal data, (b) your personal data is processed unlawfully, (c) we do not need your personal data for processing purposes, but it is needed to determine, execute or defend your legal claims, or (d) you raised an objection under the preceding paragraph, you shall be entitled to us restricting the processing of your personal data.

In such cases, we may process your personal data only upon your consent (except for the storage or backup of the personal data concerned).

Lodging a Complaint

If you believe that your personal data has been processed unlawfully, you are entitled to lodge a complaint at the Office for Personal Data Protection. However, we will appreciate if you address us first and we can try to resolve your concerns. You can always easily contact us through our contact form or through our hotline at the number +36(1)271 1148.

Certain personal data is processed on the grounds of our legitimate interest (see section “Legal grounds for processing of personal data”). In case you have concrete reasons, you are entitled to raise an objection to the processing of this personal data. The objection can be raised through email to us to info@electropoint.hu

We save all objection for 5 years based on the legal acts of cosumer rights.

You can also contact the authority for GDPR:
Name: Nemzeti Adatvédelmi és Információszabadság Hatóság (NAIH)
Contact deails:1530 Budapest, Pf.: 5., e-mail: ugyfelszolgalat@naih.hu)

Change in Privacy Policy

We keep the right to change the Privacy Policy. The user agrees the new ne Privacy Policy by using the website after the new Policy effected.

If we would like to use your data for any other reason in the future, we will notify you inadvance and we will ask your approval for using it.

Our Privacy Policy keeps all the information regarding the Act of the Act of EU 2016/679 ( ongoing GDPR rules) and the Act of Hungary 2011. évi CXII. tv.

How to buy
How to buy

The design of the store provides customers with convenient and quick orientation. You can easily navigate the store using the menu items.

You can browse the products in the store by using the "PRODUCT CATEGORY" drop-down menu. You'll see the categories in the store first. If you enter a category where products are located, you can view a brief description and price for the products. If all products in a category don't fit on a page you can scroll through the numbers below the products.

In the "Discount products" category you can find all the discounted products available in the store. For each product the initial and expiration dates of the promotion are indicated separately or the initial date and "While stocks last!" designation.

For more information about the product click the product's picture or name. You will then go to the product page where you can get more detailed information about the product.

You can also search. In a simple search you only need to enter the searched word and if a product matches it, it will be displayed. Search results appear below each other if they don't fit in the search box you can use the mouse to scroll through products by holding the mouse over the box.

You can check the contents of the cart by using the "Cart" icon. Here you can briefly see your order: the ordered products, the number of pieces ordered, the value of the order, and the total value of the order. By clicking on the "view basket" button you can go to the detailed page of the order where you can see your order in an itemised way including the net price. Or you can immediately select the "order" button to start the order in which case the detailed information will be skipped and the system immediately jumped to "shipping and payment" section. It is also possible to empty the basket completely. If you choose to place an order click on the"order" button.

To place your order you can choose to register or purchase without registration. In both cases you can choose to purchase as an individual or as a company and the system asked for information that matches your choice of options. If you make a purchase without registration your data will not be stored and you will need to enter it again at future purchases.

If you are a registered customer but have forgotten your password use the password reminder. If you provide your registered email address here your password will be emailed to you.

You can enter by using the login window. If the login is successful you'll see "logged in" which is also a drop-down menu. In the drop-down menu you can see your email address and you can use links to access "Orders" (list of your past orders), "Favorites" (list of products marked favorites) and "Edit" menu (where you can change your personal datas).

If you click on the "order" button on the basket page and you are logged in you will go to the "Shipping and payment" page where you will need to select the options that are most suitable for you. When you're done press "continue". You will see all the information about your order which you need to check. If all is well you can finalize your order by pressing the "order" button.

The date on which the goods are ordered is the time when you place your order through the webshop. Your order usually takes effect when your online order is confirmed by email or phone. The automatic confirmation sent by the webshop system is not equivalent to the confirmation mentioned above.

An electronic contract between the trader and the purchaser cannot be considered as a written contract and is therefore not filed and subsequently not available on paper. The language used in the electronic contract and in the course of the conclusion and subsequent contact is Hungarian or English. Product descriptions on product pages are for informational purposes only and may not always contain all information about the product. Please note that we are not responsible for any misspellings or misinformation. You can also find the official product descriptions on the product manufacturer's website in several languages.

Fast delivery

In Hungary it can arrive within 48 hours.

Electropoint Safety and Security

Online customer service

Online chat Mo - Fr, 8AM - 4:30PM.

Convenient payment

We have several available payment options.

Electropoint Safety and Security

Rights of withdrawal

Private person can cancel its purchase within 14 days without any reason.