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Electropoint Ltd. market presence with Access Control Systems

25/01/2020 08:21
Electropoint Ltd. market presence with Access Control Systems


Amount of contracted aid: 10 000 000.- HUF
Aid rate: 50%

As part of the project, we intend to carry out the following activities:

Market research:

We use a subcontractor specialising in market research, who assesses the specificities of the country and the information about the target market. The justification for market research is that, without knowledge, we would not be able to make the right decisions, so we would choose the wrong channels, forms and ways to reach our targeted market. Market research is not necessary to decide to open up to German-speaking markets, as we have already done so, but to obtain a more accurate picture of the effective appearance by evaluating secondary data.

Marketing consulting:

With market research results, the marketing strategy steps are developed.

Media appearances:

Based on marketing advice, we determine the appropriate appearance areas and modes. We will primarily advertise on online platforms, so we will want to buy banners on the appropriate portals of the target markets (which are required to select both market research and marketing strategic advice).  Since our head of foreign trade will not have enough human resources to directly locate potential buyers we are also creating an EDM campaign which we intend to buy in bundles, i.e. we want a complete management behind it with an appropriate database who will complete the process until the order. We have also created a website in the project but this alone would not be enough to succeed, so this will be optimised by an expert service provider in the right form, i.e. the webergontomy that puts our website at the top of the results lists. Our website is available in two languages, English and German thus strengthening our presence in the foreign markets.

To improve our online appearance:

Building a website with an admin background, web design and sitebuild, german version preparation are part of the project. Our goal is not to use single-use, sustainability-related and to use old-fashioned marketing materials that are not our target market but instead act as a professional business card and debut platform website which can remain up-to-date for years to come.

Trade show:

One of the keys to our entry abroad is the presentation of goods, the success of which can greatly determine our complete appearance. We were chosen for the presentation because

1) there is no foreign exhibition showing the full range of our target market to be addressed,

2) the exhibition is a fixed date but the presentation can be planned more flexibly if it is possible to obtain a level of media coverage sooner or later which can be based on a large number of participants,

3) There is probably a much smaller number at the presentation than at a large event but that number is specifically for our company and it is the target group we want to address, so it is much larger we expect efficiency from this activity.

• planned finish date for the project: 28.02.2019
• project identification number: VEKOP-1.3.1-16-2016-00003

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