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Complex Infocommunication and Mobile Development at Electropoint Ltd.

31/01/2020 13:14
Complex Infocommunication and Mobile Development at Electropoint Ltd.


Amount of contracted aid: 11 255 530.- HUF
Aid rate: 40%

Development objective:

Development of a shop management and handling system.

Webshop system connection to ERP system. Products are managed from the ERP, so pricing, introduction and promotion can be solved within one process. Orders are received in the ERP, customers are stored automatically, so we can easily manage supplier orders, shipping postings and campaign managements.

1. Develop payroll and financial module to make it easier to track different payment methods.

2. Storage module: accurate inventory records tracking and follow-up.

3. CRM system: to accurately track, manage, and remanage customer needs.

4. Support for remote- and teamwork: access from anywhere in the system, regardless of location, shareable tasks for team work.

5. Connecting the webshop with a stock management software for easier to use.

6. Electronic file management: provides a solution for recording all forms of documents.

7. Controlling- assists the management of the company.

8. Human resources management- assists the HR staff member.

9. Service Management: Service Portfolio Management.

10. System/solution using mobile technology related to a specific functional area.

11. Knowledge management specialized solution.

• project planned finish date: 31.01.2020
• project identification number: GINOP-3.2.2-8-2-4-16-2017-01032

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